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Coming to Cabo San Lucas in 1978 I have seen man changes in this beautiful resort town. When I came here it was a small village catering to drunken fisherman. Well that has all changed and now familys come and spend there days in the sunshine in multi million dollar resorts to who cater to the rich and famous. When I came here I honestly could count the number of foriegners living in Los Cabos on my hands. Spending most of my days back then drinking beer and hanging out on the beach and getting to know lots of the local people and familys at that time was a unique experience. They started taking me fishing, diving, snorkeling and hiking in the mountains. We would spend alL day in the water either going for lobsters, spear fishing big Cabrillas and Snappers, looking for oysters to diving on the debris from the ship wreck on ship wreck beach, as it was called back then. Now its called Cabo del Sol. The wreck was on the beach but the debris was just offshore, including the anchor, which we tryed to bring up once.
Hours and hours in the water diving all along the coast from Cabo to San Jose. We used to like to dive the point at grey rock. Well most people dont know there was part of a ship wreck there at 65 feet. In the year 1978 a large portion of the wreck was visible and me and my diving buddy Eduardo Reyes (from Las Palmas Restaurant) would dive on wreck and spear large Snappers, Sierras and Sea Bass. It was a whole different time back then. The Tuna cannery as operating and in full production so me and Eduardo would dive in that area as large fish would come in and feed off of the waste from processing the Tuna in the cannery schools of huge Sierras and yellow tail would come into the bay and near the cannery. That was a field day for us as we could spear what we wanted for dinner.
My father along with Eduardo decided to do some business together so they decided to build a restaurant and were lookng for a piece of land to build the restaurant on. Well come to find out there was a piece of land for sale where Medano beach is now. So they bought that piece of land for really peanuts back then and built a dive shop first and later it became Las Palmas Restaurant.
I worked in the dive shop taking tourists out diving and later started my own business (Desert Divers) doing under water work on Yachts, Tuna boats and Shrimp boats. At that time I stayed really busy working underwater as we did not have any facilities to pull yachts out of the water to be repaired, so everything had to be done in the water from replacing shafts, rudders, props to cleaning the bottoms. I spent alot of time cutting netting and ropes out of the props of Tuna and Shrimp boats. I loved those jobs cause they would give you cash and a huge bag of jumbo shrimp. At that time if a vessel was in distress it was a big problem as parts had to shipped in from the U.S. normally. I remember pulling broken shafts and props and the yacht owners would have to wait in the outside harbour for 2 to 3 weeks for parts. So my job was pretty important to the yacht world in Cabo then.
After years of working underwater I decided to open my restaurant (Casa Paquito) which myself and my wife ran from 1999 to 2009 we specialized in Mexican and Seafood food. We were Casa Paquito but we were also known as the Lobster House selling lots of lobster for many years. About 2005 I gave up diving in the day time to working in Real Estate and running the restaurant at night.
I worked for Dreamhomes of Cabo for 5 years before going to Century21 where I am currently working. I did sell the restaurant about 4 years ago and am working full time selling Homes, Condos, Homesites/Lots in Los Cabos. I know all areas very well from Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo, New Marina area to East Cape and Todos Santos. So there realy isnt very much I could not help you with. I have sold many properties here Mexico and can expalin all ownership laws here and how they pertain t foriegners.

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